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Установка dawn of war 2 retribution

DoW2: Retribution — Elite Mod v.2.5.0

Последний патч DoW2: Retribution Elite Mod v.2.5.0 (от 21.02.2016г.)

Elite mod один из лучших и популярных многопользовательских модов для Dawn of War 2 — Retribution, вносит множество изменений в оригинальный Dawn of War.

Добавлена новая игровая фракция — Серые рыцари . Добавлены новые юниты для всех существующих рас, новые карты и много всего прочего.

Dawn of War 2 — Elite mod регулярно обновляется, имеется система рейтинга игроков, часто устраиваются турниры самими разработчиками. Все это, принесло моду большую популярность.

Elite Mod v.2.5.0 не требует установки прошлых версии мода.

Установите последний Hotfix 2.5.1 по ссылке «Скачать с сервера»

Запустите установочный файл

— Fixed Touch of Nurgle not healing models with the effect correctly
— Fixed some models in the campaign being invisible due to pvp model overlap
— Fixed Cloak of Shadows giving an increasing ranged damage reduction each second resulting in ranged damage immunity and health gain from damage after 7 s
— Fixed the following weapons not damaging loaded transports: Beamy Deffguns, Brightlance, Set-up team Lascannons, Leman Russ mounted lascannon, Predator Lascannons, Carnifex + HT venom cannons, PC Lasturret, Multimelta Dreadnought, and Wraithlord Brightlance
— Changed the Tyrant Guard’s rotation modifier to a 0.05 multiplier (from 0.01) to prevent a bug where it was unable to move
— Fixed Sorcerer’s Warp global teleporting enemy units, and teleporting units to their respective commanders
— Removed the red debuff circle effect from Holy Pyre due to it staying active passed the ability duration
— D-Cannon projectile changed from missile to artillery to prevent terrain hits (tracer effect had to be removed)
— Fixed Warrior Brood Reverse Synapse activating without Adrenal Glands upgrade
— Improved reliability of BC’s psychic lash
— Operatives can now cancel Stun Grenade and Satchel Charge throws
— Removed Warrior Acolyte detector decorator
— Interceptors decorators now swap with weapons
— Fixed Rangers’ Pathfinder Gear that sometimes resulted in them being unable to fire
— Fixed Drop pod enabling reinforce before impact
— Fixed Dreadnought Assault Cannon Barrage locking in on entities rather than firing in a line
— Fixed Lord Commissar not benefiting from cover
— Improved reliability of Lord Commissar’s execution abilities
— Improved reliability of Catachan’s shotgun blast & ol’ unreliable execution abilities
— Further attempts to prevent Flesh Hook, Trippa Shot, and High Powered Shot from bugging
— Fixed Lictor getting knocked back by Sanctuary on retreat
— Fixed some invisible Last Stand models
— Fixed Carapace Armor granting the Lord Commissar a net +75 hp every time he equipped and then un-equipped the Carapace Armor
— Fixed Swift Movement stacking with Fleet of Foot abilities
— Fixed Loyal to the End never expiring on squads

Note: If you had access to the new maps before they were finished, you must delete the old version(s). They are found in Dawn of War II — Retribution\GameAssets\Mods (typically: graesark.sga, nocturneinfernofinished.sga) if you had them. If not, don’t worry.

— New 3v3 map Nocturne Inferno by zeetorq
— New 3v3 map Taros Mining Facility by zeetorq
— New 3v3 map Siccaris Plateau Redux v1.0 by Max Power
— New 3v3 map Graesark Undercity by Indrid
— New 2v2 map Minethera Outpost by Swiftsabre
— Updated map: Avensa Stronghold v1.3 by Indrid
— Updated map: Lugganath Glacier v1.1 by Swiftsabre

— Now has Italian translation! Translation by Nifo
— Corrected and updated many tooltip descriptions

— Set timer for some T1 squad models to disappear after death (7 minutes), which should prevent some performance issues later in the game
— Loading into Land Raiders no longer makes units wait to enter (decreased maximum loading time from 5 to 0)
— Force Commander portrait has been changed to Gabriel Angelos
— Relic’s Blood Pack is now compatible with Elite
— Grey Knights faction renamed to Ordo Malleus
— New portraits for the GK Operatives and Catachans by Kilgarn
— Updated portrait for the IG Heavy Weapon Team by Kilgarn
— New Space Marine Elite Scheme: Lamenters
— Shifted the Neurothrope’s ability icons to the left so they start on Q gridkey and go to R; non-grid keys unchanged
— Drop pod ability icon moved to last slot (switches with tm shield)
— Set Carnifex and Tyrant Guard Charge grid keys the same as the Hive Tyrant’s (W instead of Q) for consistency within the race. The gridkey for Spawn — Rippers and Shieldwall is now Q
— Energy Burst hotkey moved to «T» to prevent overlap with Psybolts; previously was «M»
— Warrior Acolyte upgrade hotkey changed from R to E to not overlap with Reinforce hotkey
— Added missing randomization for Raptor voice lines
— Various AI updates by KanKrusha

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— Decreased the courage modifier of suppression_pvp damage while in heavy cover by 25%
— Melee resistance on Havocs, Devastator and Devastator Plasma squad decreased from 40% to 20%
— Charge attack damage type changed from piercing to power melee
— Charge attacks now has a damage per entity per second stack limit; entities hit 2 or more times over 2.5 s are immune to further charge damage
— grenade_pvp damage modifier to vehicles increased from 0.25 to 0.5
— missile_pvp damage modifier to infantry reduced from 1 to 0.5 and to heavy infantry from 1 to 0.75
— manticore_rocket damage modifier to units in energy shield cover increased from 0 to 0.7

— Heretic cost reduced from 210 down to 190
— Heretic melee damage reduced from 24 to 20
— Heretic Doom Blast damage reduced from 25 to 15
— Noise Marine Sonic Blaster now has a 1.5 s delay before disabling infantry
— Dirge Caster range effect radius reduced from 40 to 32
— Reduced the Chaos Terminator Reaper Cannon range from 49 to 38
— Chaos Terminator rotation speed from 600 to 200
— Removed melee charge from Raptors when upgraded with Meltaguns

— Banshee leap breakdown time reduced 0.1 s to 0 (recover from leaps faster)
— Providence health gain increased from 200 to 300
— Enhance speed decreased from 3 to 2
— Enhance duration increased from 6 to 10 seconds
— Witchblade of Kurnous special attack damage increased from 46 to 50
— Witchblade of Kurnous damage increased from 80 to 100
— Destructor damage type changed from grenade_pvp to psychic_pvp
— Destructor damage reduced from 54 to 25
— Destructor now fires 2 bolts instead of 1
— Warlock now gains +1 speed for 8 s upon leaping
— Warlock now gains knockback immunity while casting Immolate & Warp Throw
— Heavy Gauge Death Spinner now has 60% chance to knockback on hit, and can not knock back a single model more than once every 4 seconds
— Phase shift now grants affected units a 40% damage reduction for 5 s when it expires
— Dire Avenger cost reduced from 300 to 270
— Fire Dragon armor changed from infantry_fire_resist to heavy_infantry
— Fire Dragon ‘passive’ aura no longer reduces damage taken, but still grants weapon_knockback immunity. (ability_knockback removed)
— Dark Reaper health increased from 175 to 200
— Dark Reaper reload duration reduced from 3-3 to 2-2
— Dark Reaper ‘Tempest Barrage’ ability removed
— Dark Reaper Exarch no longer grants additional +10% health to the squad
— Dark Reaper Exarch now adds +10 sight range to the squad
— Dark Reaper Exarch cost reduced from 85/25 down to 85/15

— Increased the squad-size of Imperial Guard Heavy-Weapon Team from 4 to 6 (pop unchanged, so it’s still 12 pop squad)
— Reduced the health of Imperial Guard Heavy-Weapon Team from 185 down to 150
— Ogryn reinforcement cost reduced from 70/15 down to 66/12
— Striking an enemy with Servo-Skull (Wargear) now reveals that target for 30 seconds.
— Banewolf no longer slows enemy vehicles
— Guardsmen Commissar upgrade cost increased from 75/15 up to 75/20
— Kasrkin armor type changed from infantry to heavy_infantry
— Kasrkin Sergeant armor type changed from infantry to heavy_infantry
— Kaskrin vision increased from 40 to 50
— Kasrkin Grenade Launcher cooldown decreased from 6 to 5
— Kasrkin Melta Guns upgrade removed
— Kaskrin Krak Grenade now behaves more like the Orb of of the Omnissiah projectile, rather than a melta-bomb throw which caused the grenade to get stuck on terrain.
— Lord General Leman Russ-call in cost increased from 500/0/300 to 500/50/300

— Force Commander Thunderhammer special now hits targets within a 12m radius rather than tracking infinite distance
— Techmarine Venerable Dreadnought cost increased from 600/50/300 to 600/100/300
— Venerable Dreadnought ‘Dark Age of Technology’ cost reduced from 100/50 to 100/25
— Land Raider Redeemer Aura no longer provides a damage reduction modifier
— Land Raider Redeemer Melta damage increased from 80 to 100
— Land Raider Redeemer Flamers now inflict 40 courage damage
— Assault Terminator rotation speed reduced from 600 to 200
— Terminator rotation speed reduced from 600 to 200
— Apothecary Full Auto can no longer knock back a single model more than once every 4 seconds
— Techmarine Plasma Gun cost reduced from 120/35 to 120/30
— Techmarine Powerful sweep ability cooldown increased from 25 to 30
— Techmarine Powerful sweep ability damage reduced from 45 to 40

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— Flamefury Strike has been replaced by «Call-in Paladins» cost is 650/150/350
— Paladin/Terminator Psycanon & Incinerator now have a 0.5 accuracy while firing on the move (from 1)
— Paladins can no longer retreat (However, regular GK Terminators can)
— Paladin rotation speed decreased from 600 to 200
— Holy ground cast duration reduced from 3 to 2 s
— Terminator rotation speed decreased from 600 to 200
— Terminator charge has been removed, and replaced with Teleport-Assault
— Terminator cost increased from 600/100 to 600/125
— Terminator reinforce cost percentage set to 60% (120/25)
— Holocaust cast animation is now activated on all terminator models
— We are the Hammer! No longer increases the movement speed of the Brother-Captain (Starting ability only)
— Blessed Aegis moved from Tier 1 to Tier 2
— Inquisitorial Stormtrooper cost increased from 210 to 225 requisition
— Inquisitorial Operative build time increased from 24 to 28s
— Inquisitorial Operative weapon range reduced from 28 to 26
— Inquisitorial Operatives weapon cooldown time increased from 0.3 to 0.6 s
— Psychic Field is now interruptible
— Vindicare Assassin build time reduced from 32 to 24 seconds
— Vindicare Assassin weapon cooldown increased from 4.5 to 5.0
— Vindicare Assassin round switch duration from 2 to 4 s
— Vindicare Assassin now has a 0.85 speed modifier while switching rounds
— Vindicare Target Acquired reworked:
removed 50% damage buff
removed cooldown/reload debuff
added an on-hit effect granting vision of target for 10 s
— Purgation moved from T2 into T1
— Purgation Squad cost adjusted from 400 req to 300/30 cost
— Purgation Psycannon cooldown time increased from 0 to 0.5 s
— Rhino moved from T1 to T2
— Rhino health is now set to 500 by default (vehicle armor)
— Rhino ‘Armored Plating’ upgrade has been removed
— Rhino now allows for nearby squads to reinforce
— Rhino cost increased from 180/30 to 250/45
— Rhino Lascannon wind-up increased from 1 to 2
— Rhino Lascannon damage increased from 140 to 165
— Replaced Strike Squad Psycanon with a Psilencer
— Psilencer deals inferno damage
— Strike Squad Psybolt ammo cost reduced from 75/20 down to 65/15
— Canticle of Absolution no longer disables abilities
— Canticle of Absolution now improves cooldown recovery rate on own infantry (save SHI) by 2.5x while in area of effect
— Canticle of Absolution duration increased from 10 to 15 s
— Canticle of Absolution cast duration reduced from 3 to 2 s
— Purifier Justicar health regeneration increased from 1.0 to 2.0
— Purifier Psychic Field cast duration reduced from 2 to 1 s
— Brother-Captain Teleporter Pack has been removed
— GK Dreadnought grenade launcher removed for now due to fire animation bugs
— Purifier Justicar health regen increased from 1.0 to 2.0

— Slugga Burnaz cost increased from 65/15 to 80/15
— Deff Dredd dakkas dps increased from 9,46 to 12,298 (damage from 25 to 32,5)
— Painboy ‘Stronga Cybork Implants’ damage increase from 5% to 15%
— Kustom Forcefield cost increased from 110/25 to 110/30
— Supa Tuff Beam cost reduced from 150/60 down to 150/50
— Kommandos melee damage increased from 16 to 18
— Kommando Nob (squad) melee damage increased from 20 to 30
— Kommando Nob (squad) rocket damage increased from 40 to 50
— Shoot ’em Good can no longer knock back a single model more than once every 4 seconds

— Hive Tyrant Bio-Plasma cost reduced from 100/30 down to 100/25
— Ravener Alpha Burrow no longer slows him down by -25%
— Ravener Burrow Trap energy cost reduced from 45 to 40
— Ravener Crippling Talon wargear now grants an additional +50 health
— Terrify cooldown increased from 60 to 90s
— Lictor (unit) melee skill increased from 60 to 70
— Genestealer has undersone some substantial changes
Genestealer ‘Rending Claws’ has been moved from T3 to T2
‘Adrenal Rush’ heal on hit reduced from 5% to 2.5%
‘Adrenal Rush’ damage reduced from 40% to 20%
‘Adrenal Rush’ ranged damage reduction increased from 45% to 60%
— Carnifex pop increased from 18 to 20 (upkeep remains the same)
— Carnifex Bio-Plasma radius increased from 5 to 6 (+added the damage modifier long distance from 8 to 6 with 0.5 damage modifier)
— Infestation Tower sight radius lowered to 15 from 30, keen sight radius lowered from 5 to 0 (did not detect either way)
— Infestation Tower no longer reduces incoming damage
— Lictor Alpha health reduced from 630 to 600
— Termagant cost increased from 240 to 260
— Zoanthrope cost increased from 400/40 to 400/60
— Zoanthrope Focused Warp Blast no longer snares vehicles
— Zoanthrope Focused Warp Blast damage increased from 100 to 165
— Zoanthrope Focused Warp Blast can now only be used on Super Heavy Infantry or Vehicle units
— Zoanthrope Focused Warp Blast range reduced from 65 to 60
— Zoanthrope Focused Warp Blast cooldown decreased from 30 to 20 s

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Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War 2 «Ребаланс»

Рекомендуемая сложность для игры с данным модом ПРИМАРХ.

Рекомендуемый уровень сложности ПРИМАРХ, больше урона, больше противников, больше выпадет предметов для экипировки (и интереснее) :

1. Увеличено кол-во юнитов противника в 2раза. Что добавит в игру «МЯСА»

2.Увеличен максимальный уровень до 30. Увеличено кол-во получаемых очков прокачки. Теперь можно прокачать все навыки.

3.Увеличено кол-во слотов для доп.экипировки до 3х у всех.

4.Космодесант не унылые хлюпики мрущие от гранаты или споры мины, увеличено здоровье всем и нпс персонажам тоже.

5.Командор теперь не один, в его составе Библиарий и Апотекарий с соответствующими навыками пси-молнии и лечение.

6.Фаддей ведет в составе отряда 2х ветеранов штурмовиков, экипированные когтями и цепным топором.

7.В составе у Таркуса идет Технодесантник с огнеметом и навыком ремонта техники.

8.У Авитуса в отряде скин 1 бота окрашен как Давиан Тул с тяжелым болтером, а 2й в броне опустошителей, чисто косметическое изменения

8.Скауты по умолчанию используют дробовики, а после 20ур. получают снайперские винтовки.

9.Терминаторы теперь действительно ЭЛИТА, это ходячии танки.

10.Теперь Штандарты и Halo могут использовать все герои, правда будет небольшой косяк с графикой, но в пылу боя навряд ли сильно броситься в глаза.

И помните уровень развития противника прямо пропорционален уровню развития героев, чем выше уровень, тем сильнее и больше будет противников, и наоборот.

Установка простая, полное описание внутри, скинуть содержимое архива, модуль и папку, в конень игры, в ярлыке прописать -dev и имя модуля

Играю второй день с модом. Очень круто, ни одного вылета не произошло. Сперва только авитусу на начальных миссиях снарядил знамя, в итоге пропал доступ к выбору оружия (просто два слота появилось черных). Пофиксил с помощью терминаторской брони и всё пришло в норм. Прохожу на примархе, иногда кажется очень легким, но это весело и интересно проходить. Похоже реализовать перки из Chaos Rising не получилось. Вещи с порчей (вообще из дополнения) я бы добавил и в эту кампанию, пускай порча не работает, но варгир разнообразнее станет. Еще на 12 или 13 уровне прокачки дается 2 балла скиллов, а не 4. Наверное, какая-то строчка пропущена была 😀

На каком-то из первых уровней с тиранидами они сражаются друг с другом. Видать группы у них разные. Я прибегаю с отрядом, а там тираниды грызутся между собой, ха.

Хотелось бы увидеть подобный мод на Chaos Rising и интересно можно ли сделать генерацию уровней (по типу защита станции от хаоса/эльдаров для CR. Минус CR как раз в том, что миссии ограничены и ты на какой-то момент игры тупо обязан идти на финал. Вообще интересно возможно ли создать какую-нибудь дополнительную миссию, по сути все данные имеются для этого.


Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War II — Retribution: Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Campaign Squads + «Squads Mode», Wargear & Skill Point Boosters Mod) [3.19.1]

Версия мода: 1.3
Версия игры: Retribution 3.19.1
Расы: Космодесант, Эльдары, Имперская Гвардия, Хаос, Орки, Тираниды

— Мод добавляет после прохождения первой миссии шмот из Космодесант, Эльдары, Имперская Гвардия, Хаос, Орки, Тираниды но самое главное добавляет книги для прокачки навыков!

— Отряды прокачаны до 10 уровня, и они могут быть вооружены оружием соответствующего уровня.

Распакуйте папку и .module файл из архива в каталог, где установлена Dawn of War II — Retribution.
Тогда первый шаг можно опустить.
Начните новую кампанию.
После того как вы получите все снаряжение, вам не нужно быдет больше запускать мод.

Space Marines (+2 Squads Mode) Gallery:

Eldar (+2 Squads Mode) Gallery:

Imperial Guard (+2 Squads Mode) Gallery:

Chaos Marines (+2 Squads Mode) Gallery:

Orks (+2 Squads Mode) Gallery:

Tyranids (+3 Squads Mode) Gallery:

В параметрах запуска игры (1.«Свойства» > 2.«Ярлык» > 3.«Объект») указываем:
«[Папка с игрой]\DOW2.exe» вводим -dev или -dev -modname «CampaignWargear» .


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