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Установка sinusbot на linux



The TeamSpeak Client 3.3+ requires at least a Linux Kernel of version 3.17 or higher!

You can check your Linux Kernel version with uname -a .

Make sure that your OS (Operating System) is up-to-date. We recommend recent LTS releases such as Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian 10 (buster), minimal required versions:

When choosing a VPS (virtual private server), make sure that it is not based on OpenVZ, because the Linux kernel will be too old. Instead choose a KVM or LCX based VPS with a recent OS.

The server should have at least 512MB or 1GB of free RAM. Although the SinusBot itself doesn’t require much RAM, the TeamSpeak Client(s) often take up the most memory.

Make sure that the server has enough free disk space to fit your needs.

Compatible Versions

SinusBot Version TS3 Client Version Linux Kernel Version TeamSpeak Server Version
1.0.0-beta3 and later 3.3+ 3.17+ >= 3.8.x
1.0.0-beta2, 1.0.0-beta1 3.2.5 2.6+ uname -a .

Let’s start by installing several dependencies:

On Debian and some Ubuntu versions you might as well have to install, so at least try:

In case of Ubuntu 18.04: Depending on the Ubuntu installation the universe repository of Ubuntu is not activated, resulting in missing packages for required dependencies x11vnc and xvfb. When said problem occurs, enable the universe repository by using following command:

After all required dependencies are installed, let’s assume that you’re going to install the bot to /opt/sinusbot and are using the user sinusbot with the group sinusbot . We will install the bot with root then switch to this user account when running the bot.

You will need to create an new user sinusbot on your server, so to do so type the following command.

This created user is used to start the bot with usual user privileges (which is highly recommended!), as the bot should not run as root for security-reasons.

Next we will create and prepare the folder where Sinusbot will be installed to, by issuing following commands as the root user:

(If you’re using another user/group than «sinusbot», replace sinusbot:sinusbot with yourusername:yourusergroup)

Then we will switch over to the recently created user dedicated for the sinusbot, change the working directory and to download the latest Sinusbot release:

If that command results in SSL-Errors, you can alternatively try

Copy the configuration (if you haven’t started the bot before)

Now you need to download the TeamSpeak 3 Client and install it.

You will need to accept the terms by pressing: Enter , Q , Y , Enter .

Afterwards you can delete the file: rm TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64-$VERSION.run

Now you need to configure the ini-File of the bot to match your directories.

Make sure that the TS3Path is correct (if you followed this tutorial step by step, it should already match):

Close the editor ( Ctrl + O , Enter , Ctrl + X ).

Remove the file ‘libqxcb-glx-integration.so’ from the clients ‘xcbglintegrations’ directory:

Create the plugins folder in the ts3client directory:

And finally copy the plugin to the plugins-directory of the TeamSpeak-Installation

Just to make sure that the bot is executable, enter


As the bot won’t run as root you will need to switch to the user that you have installed the bot on, if you followed the tutorial, this will be ‘sinusbot». To do this use the following command:

Stopping the bot with Ctrl + C

If you want to keep the bot running when you exit out of the terminal follow the instruction on how to install a startscript.

Now login at http:// :8087/ with user admin and the password provided on first run. (see FAQ on how to reset)

Using a startscript

These instructions need to be done as the root user.

And replace the following placeholders to match your installation:

placeholder description example
YOUR_USER Your user who starts the bot sinusbot
YOURPATH_TO_THE_BOT_BINARY Your path to the SinusBot binary /opt/sinusbot/sinusbot
YOURPATH_TO_THE_BOT Your path to the SinusBot install directory /opt/sinusbot

Reload systemd: systemctl daemon-reload

Enable autostart (optional): systemctl enable sinusbot

Start the sinusbot: systemctl start sinusbot


Update the SinusBot

Note: The following instructions assume that you’ve followed this guide — otherwise you might need to slightly adapt the commands to fit your installation.

Before continuing you should install the dependencies mentioned at the beginning of the «Manual installation» section.

The update process is the same as the installation, we simply download and unpack the new SinusBot version over the old one.

First stop your sinusbot (e.g. systemctl stop sinusbot if you use the systemd-startscript) and then run the following commands:

Update the TeamSpeak Client

Before continuing you should install the dependencies mentioned at the beginning of the «Manual installation» section.

The update process is the same as the installation, we simply download and unpack the new TeamSpeak Client over the old one.

You will need to accept the terms by pressing: Enter , Q , Y , Enter .

Afterwards you can delete the file: rm TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64-$VERSION.run

Now remove the data/ts3 directory and the libqxcb-glx-integration.so file as well:

And finally copy the plugin to the plugins-directory of the TeamSpeak-Installation

Migrating to another System

First, install the SinusBot on the new system according to our guides. Afterwards, copy over the data -folder, scripts -folder, config.ini and private.dat from your old SinusBot installation folder (typically /opt/sinusbot/ on Linux).

Depending on how you copied the files, you might need to fix your file permissions afterwards.

When finished, stop the SinusBot on the old system (e.g. systemctl stop sinusbot ) and (re)start the SinusBot on the new system (e.g. systemctl restart sinusbot ).


Look for any errors in the sinusbot/instance log and try to look-up solutions on our forum or your favorite search engine.

If you ask us or our community for help then please provide the output of the diag script and follow everything that is mentioned in READ ME BEFORE YOU POST.

If you use the systemd-startscript you can check the status with systemctl status sinusbot . Logs can be viewed using journalctl -u sinusbot -f —since «2 hours ago» .

The SinusBot itself is closed-source, but some of the resources are open-source and available in the SinusBot GitHub Organization — contributions welcome.


SinusBot SinusBot — Радиобот для teamspeak (Linux) 0.14.3-0e747fd

Soundboard переименован в SinusBot!

SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.9.11-ee30ef7 (только для Linux. )

Don’t forget to copy the new plugin over.

К сожалению, в этот раз без перевода.

SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.9.10-e1fdee3 (только для Linux. )

This is a pretty huge update that includes changes to almost every part of the bot.

Focus for this build has been on scripting — I hope that it works out well for most of you. This build might be a little heavier in terms of CPU & RAM usage, I’ll focus on optimizing this in the next version.

As announced in another post, there have been major changes to the scripting interface that might break old scripts. Should you rely on any script and aren’t able to update & fix it by yourself, please WAIT with updating the bot.

Also, due to a change of the database structure, a downgrade will not be possible (without hassle)! So if you plan on reverting to an older version (you should really do this even if you’re not planning to downgrade again), please create a backup before upgrading.

So what changed? (For more details, please check the changelog)

  • many more functions have been added to the scripting interface, also setTimeout / setInterval have been added to the core
  • script events can now also be triggered through the http-api
  • cross-instance scripting
  • stream audio to icecast
  • crossfading of songs (for those that don’t listen to a radio station all the time)
  • things downloaded with ytdl will now get a proper cover if it is available
  • fixes in the audio engine to prevent clipping
  • a new external plugin interface to add own audio sources (this will be documented later on)
  • removed some dependencies so that the bot should work on more systems without ugly workarounds
  • better handling of ytdl-streams
  • scripts can now bring their own html/js pages (will be documented later on)

I’m also thinking about increasing the number of instances a bit after a free registration. Let me hear how many instances you would use for what and how many users usually are on your server (feedback is always welcome).

Donations are still very welcome as well Wink

Thanks to all «Insiders» for testing!

Это довольно огромное обновление, которое включает в себя изменения почти в каждой части бота.

Упор в этой сборке делался на сценарии — я надеюсь, что они работают хорошо для большинства из вас. Эта сборка может быть немного тяжелее в плане использования процессора и ОЗУ , я сосредоточусь на оптимизации этого в следующей версии.

Как было сказано выше, произошли серьезные изменения в интерфейсе сценариев , которые могут нарушить старые сценарии. Если для вас сильно важна работа ваших сценариев и вы не в состоянии обновить и отремонтировать их самостоятельно , пожалуйста, ПОДОЖДИТЕ с обновлением бота.

Кроме того, в связи с изменением структуры базы данных, понижение версии будет невозможно (без хлопот)! Так что если вы планируете возвращаться к старой версии (вы должны действительно сделать это, даже если вы не планируете снова понижать версию), пожалуйста, создайте резервную копию перед обновлением!

Так что же изменилось? (Для более подробной информации, пожалуйста, проверьте список изменений)

  • много различных функций, которые были добавлены к интерфейсу сценариев, также setTimeout/setInterval были добавлены к ядру
  • события сценариев теперь могут также срабатывать через HTTP-API
  • связь между экземплярами в сценариях
  • потоковое аудио в IceCast
  • плавный переход песен (для тех, кто не слушают радиостанции все время)
  • загруженные с ytdl теперь будут получать надлежащую обложку , если она доступна
  • исправления в звуковом движке для предотвращения обрывов
  • обновлен внешний интерфейс плагина, чтобы добавлять собственные источники аудио (это будет документировано позже)
  • удалены некоторые зависимости, так что бот должен работать на большинстве систем без неприятных обходных
  • улучшена обработка ytdl-потоков
  • скрипты могут теперь вызывать свои HTML/JS страницы (будет документировано позже)

Я также думаю о не большом увеличении числа экземпляров ботов после бесплатной регистрации. Я хотел бы услышать, сколько копий вы хотите использовать и для чего и сколько пользователей обычно на вашем сервере (обратная связь всегда приветствуется).

Пожертвования все еще очень приветствуются Wink

Благодарю всех «инсайдеров» за тестирование!

SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.9.9-98d0cd5 (только для Linux. )

This is just an interim update that fixes a crash some people ran into, adds some minor scripting features and prevents youtube-dl from becoming zombie processes. If you don’t encounter any problems, you don’t need to worry about this update.

Another bigger update (with more features) will follow soon.

SinusBot — Update Beta 0.9.9-4965f0f

Introducing Scripting and preparing for 1.0

Thank you very much for participating in this beta test. Should you encounter any bugs, feel free to open a new ticket in this beta forum.


  • introduce scripting
  • initial support for Mumble
  • many interface enhancements
  • stability improvements
  • better search capabilities
  • license system


New scripts can be added by copying them to the scripts-subfolder. There are some demos provided and a better documentation will follow soon. I hope to get a minimal «script store» running soon. Until then, feel free to share your scripts on the forums.

Current (incomplete) documentation for the Script API can be found here.

cd /opt/ts3bot
curl -O https://www.sinusbot.com/pre/sinusbot-0.9.9-4965f0f.tar.bz2
tar -xjvf sinusbot-0.9.9-4965f0f.tar.bz2
Please adjust to your own paths.

To upgrade, just extract the archive and overwrite the old files with the new ones. Please also update the plugin by copying it from plugin/libsoundbot_plugin.so to TeamSpeakClient/plugins/libsoundbot_plugin.so

Be aware that the new binary is called sinusbot rather than ts3bot.

After upgrading, xinit is not necessary anymore. Just launch the bot with ./sinusbot — however, if you’re using screen, sudo or su, you have to use it in front of ./sinusbot as well.

If you want to save some resources, you may want to enable
EnableAloneMode = true
in your config.ini. That way, whenever a channel is empty, the bot will stop playback after a minute or so and resume, when someone joins.

Представляем сценарии (скрипты) и готовимся к версии 1.0

Большое вам спасибо за участие в бета тестировании. Если у вас возникнут ошибки, не стесняйтесь отписываться о них на форуме проекта.

  • введение сценариев (скриптов)
  • начальная поддержка Mumble
  • множество улучшений интерфейса
  • улучшение стабильности
  • улучшены возможности поиска
  • система лицензирования

Сценарии (скрипты)
Новые скрипты могут быть добавлены вами путем копирования их в подпапку scripts. Некоторые из уже доступных демки, в ближайшее время по ним будет предоставлена улучшенная документация . Я надеюсь получить небольшой «магазин скриптов» который заработает в ближайшее время. До тех пор, не стесняйтесь делиться вашими скриптами на форуме. Текущую (неполную) документацию для API Script можно найти здесь.

SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.9.9-98d0cd5

This is just an interim update that fixes a crash some people ran into, adds some minor scripting features and prevents youtube-dl from becoming zombie processes. If you don’t encounter any problems, you don’t need to worry about this update.

Another bigger update (with more features) will follow soon.

SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.9.9-98d0cd5

This is just an interim update that fixes a crash some people ran into, adds some minor scripting features and prevents youtube-dl from becoming zombie processes. If you don’t encounter any problems, you don’t need to worry about this update.

Another bigger update (with more features) will follow soon.

SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.9.9-8f70ff3

This is an experimental release as many things changed under the hood. This will further improve performance as well as increase overall development speed.

Please make sure to update the plugin or you won’t hear sound anymore.

Also please make sure that the bot is completely stopped (and also all clients with it) before upgrading — otherwise it won’t work.


  • enh(vm): add clientUid/clientNick to move-event, when the client disconnects
  • enh(vm): add functions setGlobal/setInstance/getGlobal/getInstance/removeGlobal/removeInstance to scripting
  • enh(vm): add functions getServerUid/getServerName/getServerPlatform/getServerVersion to scripting
  • enh(vm): add getPing function to scripting
  • enh(vm): add getCurrentChannelId to scripting
  • enh(vm): add setDefaultChannel(channelId) to scripting
  • fix: improve handling (skip track) when a playlist entry doesn’t play correctly
  • fix: disable soundpack of the client
  • enh: migrate sticky-functionality to a script
  • feat: speech-recognition
  • enh: optimize software mixer (speedup: 100%)
  • enh: optimize socket usage
  • feat: properly implement an audio return channel
  • feat: add initial support to stream audio to an icecast server

Это экспериментальный релиз, как много изменилось читаем ниже. Это будет способствовать дальнейшему улучшению производительности, а также повысит общую скорость развития.

Пожалуйста убедитесь, что вы обновили плагин, или вы не услышите звука.

Также, пожалуйста убедитесь, что бот полностью остановлен (а также все его клиенты ТС) перед обновлением — в противном случае он не будет работать.


  • добавлены clientUid/clientNick к событию-переместить, когда клиент отключается
  • добавлены функции setGlobal/setInstance/getGlobal/getInstance/removeGlobal/removeInstance для сценариев
  • добавлены функции getServerUid/getServerName/getServerPlatform/getServerVersion для сценариев
  • добавлена функция getPing для сценариев
  • добавлена функция getCurrentChannelId для сценариев
  • добавлена функция setDefaultChannel(channelId) для сценариев
  • улучшена обработка (пропустить дорожку), когда запись из плейлиста не воспроизводится
  • отключение soundpack клиента ТС
  • перенос функциональности sticky-channel в сценарии (скрипты)
  • распознавание речи
  • оптимизация программного обеспечения миксера (ускорение: 100%)
  • оптимизация использования сокета
  • осуществление надлежащим образом обратного аудио канала
  • добавлена начальная поддержка для вещания потокового аудио на сервера Icecast

Так же под новую версию обновлен перевод веб-интерфейса: скачать

Sinus Bot — Update 0.9.8

Список изменений: Оригинал, без перевода.
Важно! В версии 0.9.8 урезаны количество инстансов с 6 до 2!

You can now add songs to a queue that is just like a playlist but removes the songs after playback. There are also two new privileges: one to add songs to the queue and one to skip the queue (move it to the first position inside the queue). The queue will be further improved over time with support for download-commands (think !yt) or restrictions like “only one entry per person”.

I know this has been a high priority for many of you, so here it is, finally: from now on you can bind bot-accounts to server groups. That means that you can for example allow guests to control the bot via its commands. This can be found in the user settings / edit user dialog.

You can now upload avatars from the settings page! However, there’s a known bug in the TS client, that could make images appear with a wrong aspect ratio. I hope that gets fixed soon by the authors.

New Bot-Commands!
Use !search to search for songs or directly playback or enqueue specific songs via !play and !queue. There are several other new commands that you can find on the commands-tab in Settings -> Info.

Play when idle
If you want the bot to never do nothing, you can now select a track as “idle track”. Whenever the bot has got nothing left in the queue, it will fall back to that track. You can for example choose a radio-station there.

This is a new feature that is currently only available for the hosted versions. In short, you can set the bot to a “subscription mode” and listen to it from whatever channel you’re in. You can also make a single bot stream to multiple channels.

With a little fiddling, it’s now also possible to listen to the bot’s output in your webbrowser (Chrome/Firefox only). I’m still actively working on some improvements, so it’s not enabled by default.

Okay, those were the biggest new features. As said, I have also optimized a lot and fixed a lot of smaller glitches here and there.

There’s one little downside for some (but not many) of you, though. If you previously have used more than 2 instances, you will be forced to a maximum of 2 instances with the new version. I’ve announced changes in the limitations before (and a few of the reasons) and this is the final change regarding the instance count. There will be a “premium”-like version sooner or later, which will increase the limit again. There is however no ETA on that.

So if you cannot live with only 2 instances, please do not upgrade right now.

Now to the actual steps for the manual upgrade (which is necessary because I don’t want to force anyone into the new limitation):

Backup the Bot-directory before you proceed!

$ cd /opt/ts3soundboard
(or wherever you installed the soundboard)

$ sudo wget https://frie.se/ts3bot/sinusbot-0.9.8.tar.bz2
$ sudo tar -xjvf sinusbot-0.9.8.tar.bz2
$ sudo cp plugin/libsoundbot_plugin.so TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64/plugins
Fix permissions with

$ sudo chown -R bot:bot /opt/ts3soundboard
(replace bot:bot with yourusername:yourusergroup)

Update to the most recent version

If you are running the bot as user root (which you really should not), you need to add the new parameter -RunningAsRootIsEvilAndIKnowThat to the command-line, e.g.

$ ./ts3bot -update -RunningAsRootIsEvilAndIKnowThat

$ xinit /opt/ts3soundboard/ts3bot -RunningAsRootIsEvilAndIKnowThat — /usr/bin/Xvfb :1 -screen 0 800x600x16 -ac

Again: it’s not recommended to run the bot as user root.

TS3Soundboard — For Windows 0.9.7

Недавно появилась бета версия под Windows, к сожалению, работает только на 64 битных системах. Мне пока не известно, требуется ли звуковая карта, но владельцы windows server могут проверить и отписаться в комментариях. Скачивайте, запускайте инсталлятор, все остальное за вас сделает инсталлер. Удачной трансляции 😉

TS3Soundboard — Musicbot update 0.9.5

TS3-Soundboard обновился до версии 0.9.5.

Из основных изменений:
«Max. Instances» уменьшили с 20 до 6. (Готовится платный функционал)
В web интерфейс добавлены следующие галки;
Become «Channel-Commander»: Командира канала (надо дать боту права b_client_use_channel_commander)
Stick to channel: Канал по умолчанию, в которую бот будет возвращаться, при перемещении бота кем либо в другой канал
Enable Ducking: бот будет снижать громкость, если кто либо заговорит в канале.
Еще несколько параметров для ограничения скорости загрузки и максимального размера файлов были введены, но пока не активированы (трудности перевода, кажись платный функционал опять же)


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