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Установка xampp для opencart

How to Install OpenCart using XAMPP

OpenCart is an open source ecommerce web application built using PHP and MySql. It has a very easy to use interface and you will just love selling your goods online. In this tutorial we will learn how to install OpenCart on XAMPP.

1. Install XAMPP

XAMPP is a web server required to run your server s >click here and download the latest version as per your operating system. After you download run the program and your XAMPP setup will start. Keep everything as default.

2. Download the Latest Version of OpenCart

Click here to download the latest version and once its downloaded unzip the zipped folder.

1. Go to the directory where you have installed XAMPP, then go to xampp ->htdocs and create a folder where you want to install your OpenCart. Here we have created a folder named Shop.

2. Open the unzipped OpenCart folder and then the upload folder, copy all the contents to the new folder which you have created.

3. Rename OpenCart config files

In your shop folder, rename config.dist and admin/config-dist file to config.

4. Open XAMPP and start MySQL and Apache

5. Go to localhost and then click on phpMyAdmin. Here click on New, provide a database name and click on Create

6. Now go to localhost/shop in your browser and you can see the installation wizard.

Click Continue

7. After clicking Continue twice, you will be given a form to fill up the settings.

8. You need to give two unique username and passwords, one for the database and another for OpenCart admin login. Also provide the database name that we have created.

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Click Continue .

Voila! You have installed your own ecommerce.

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