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Установки bleach brave soul


STAT WEIGHTS: SP and Attack explained. Attack increases your strong Attacks by more than 33%; 1 Attack = 3 SP(Spirit Pressure); almost 40% less — Confirmed! SP characters were overpowered so they made SP and Focus practically useless. Defense is also useless.

-% DMG Taken is godly for PVP. 2 Strong Attack character links with 1 -% DMG Taken is OP, then ideally you want Pupples with Attack, Yuki with Attack, and Cloak/Hogyuku/Teddy/Charm (whichever affiliation activates the stamina for your character) with Attack. When maxed, you usually have 2k health.

Use characters that hit the whole screen; can usually triple 1 shot them dead 90% of the time and survive their first Attacks. If you want good strong Attacks then stack Attack, and link strong Attack characters for PVP and PvE.

A Chappy is almost equal for stat gains over the SP loss, although it weakens your strong Attacks usually around 16%-ish on SP higher characters but massively increases your normal Attacks. It depends on how much SP you lose. 200 Attack is the same as or better then 600 SP for strong Attacks, and will increase your normal Attacks a ton. The only time I don’t use a Chappy is usually on weak mobs(enemies) cause strong Attacks are faster. But on strong mobs Chappy is best for melee characters (I usually just use strong Attacks to knock ’em down or cluster them, then hit them for 12k-ish — normal attacks when maxed out).

Ranged, vertical normal Attack, characters usually hit 1 or 2 mobs, so usually strong Attacks with an Attack build not using Chappy is ideal for ranged(unless their ranged Attacks are horizontal slashes, they hit like melee characters), and depends on your style and the character used. Some characters hit slower for normal Attacks and faster strong Attacks (vice versa), while some hit weaker normal attacks than strong attacks (vice versa).

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All characters have small stat weight changes, but that ONLY matters for CHARACTER LINKS.


Attributes are very much like Pokemon types. Each attribute has their own type advantage and disadvantage. Every character has one attribute. For example, you may have a Renji or a Renji, but never a Renji. The attribute chart is displayed during battle next to the current character’s name at the top. (chart image to be added). From the in-game help:

Attacking an enemy with an Attribute that is weak against your character’s attribute will result in your attacks doing more damage and you taking less damage from your enemy. However, if the situation is reversed and you engage an enemy with an Attribute advantage, your attacks will do less damage and you will take more damage when attacked. Fallen enemies may drop crystals that match their attribute.


Power is strong against Technique and weak against Speed, Power shares the same color with the Attack stat. These attributes (Power, speed, technique, heart and mind), are just to say «this one have advantage against this one» So, the Power types are not stronger than the others, the speed ones are not faster, etc.


Technique is strong against Speed and weak against power. Technique shares the same color with the Stamina stat.


Speed is strong against Power and weak against Technique. Speed shares the same color with the Defense stat.


Mind is both strong and weak against Heart. Mind shares the same color with the Focus stat.

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Heart is both strong and weak against Mind. Heart shares the same color with the Spiritual Pressure stat.

Character Status

Unlike attributes, every character has five stat values. Stats can be increased through leveling up with EXP, strengthening the character’s soul tree, by using character links, and by using accessories. From the game’s in-game help, the stats are as follows:


This affects how much damage the character does with normal and strong attacks.


Affects the character’s health


Affects how much damage the character takes from enemy attacks.


Affects how often the character scores a critical hit.

Spiritual Pressure

Affects the strength of strong attacks and Special Moves.


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